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Simple Solution for big decision of selling your home

No Repairs, No Cleaning, No Commissions, No Obligation

Simple as steps number one number two number three

Cash Offer for selling my home in Philadelphia? Here’s how…

Quicker way to sell your home hassle free

Does not matter what condition your house is in. Our process for giving you No-hassle, No-Obligation, Cash offer for house in Philadelphia and Suburbs will be same as below.

My name is Nick and I handle customer relations and closing process here at We Buy Philly Home and I will be your guide for whole process.If you prefer more human touch, we can also walk you through whole process when you call at (267)652-0252

Step 1

Send us some info

Fill out a form or give us a call with some basic info

Step 2

We reach out

We will do some research and reach out to you to schedule an appointment(Virtual appointments available)

Step 3

Get Your Cash

Once we both agree on price , we will sign paperwork & collect your CASH at closing

How Our Home Buying Process Works

Told You, It was as easy as 1 – 2 – 3

We know you are not going to sell your house to anyone, and we encourage you to educate yourself for whole house buying and selling process and details that goes inside it.

Want to see how we come up with offer for your house? Click here for more info.

“We had to sell our parent’s old house which needed a lot of work. We gave call to We Buy Philly Home and they took care of everything. Whole process was really smooth and couldn’t be more happier. Nick and Rinal are terrific and we highly recommend them if you have to sell your house.”

– Claire H[Chalfont, PA]

House selling doesn’t have to be complicated

Selling your House can be complicated, lengthy and daunting process. The Industry-standard is 3-6 months, But it does not have to be!

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We offer An Easy Solution!

We can do the whole process from start to finish in as little as 15 days. We also pay your closing costs, take on all the paperwork, and repairs, so you don’t have to.

We are Nick and Rinal, and together with our team, our goal is to provide the best offer to you. When you work with us there is No Commission, No Repairs, No Hassles. Guaranteed. Your convenience is our main goal, profit is second.

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Below is a simple How-to guide for selling your house to any ‘We Buy Houses’ companies

Below are items you need and steps you need to take to sell your house Quick and for Cash

Items Needed

number one Internet Connection

number two Phone service

number three Property that you need to sell quickly

Steps you need to take to make sure you sell your house to the right company/person

number one The quickest way to sell your house hassle-free and for cash is to search online something like “We Buy houses ” followed by town or county or nearby major area name. Example – We Buy Houses, Lansdale PA; We Buy houses, Philadelphia PA; We Buy houses, Montgomery County, PA

number oneClick on the search results you received from earlier steps. Make sure to avoid advertise results. You can spot them via checking Ad Check out their process, review, and most crucial part, their company profile.

number oneGive a call or fill out the form(if they have one) to reach out to that company. We always recommend reaching out to more than one Company(even to folks who reach out to us). So you can weigh in options provided by different companies and choose the option that best suits you.

number oneCome to an agreement with different terms with the company you finalized to sell your house with. Keep in mind, Price is only one of the items, we also discuss the selling date, repairs you need to do, township certification, and (most important) in different scenarios in which the company can not go through the buying process.

number oneCongratulations. You made it to the closing date, have a big smile, sign paperwork, and get your check at closing.

Now let’s walk through the Math of how we give offers for your house

(I know, I know, here comes to boring(but important) part. I will try my best to make it fun and simple)

Our offer is based on the “After Repair Value” of your home.

That means it is based on what house can be sold for in the future vs how it is right now. We do not give low ball offer based on how desperate someone is( like many other companies), It is strictly numbers-based. It is in our company’s best interest to give you our highest offer. Because the only way we can keep doing this business is if people accept our offers and people will only accept our offers if we present them our best offer

Ok, you might think what will that be

number one Let’s assume you have a house to sell

number two Now let’s assume, your neighbor (We will call him Dave), has a similar house as yours but in very good conditions and with all the latest trends ( like farm style kitchen, updated tiled bathroom, new roof, you get the idea)

number three Let’s say for example Dave sold his home in the near past(a few weeks ago) for 300k.

What does that tell us?

Well, it tells us that if we make your house looks like Dave’s place, it can sell for 300k.

How do we know that?

We use a system called MLS (multiple listing services) that shows us all those numbers along with relevant pictures

Great, now we have all the info that we need to give you an offer that works for us. If that also works for you, Win-Win. We signed paperwork and we get to work & you can collect your cash at closing.

Fun Fact – At closing seller does not get a briefcase full of cash, instead, they cashier checks from the closing company, which then the seller can go to the bank to get real Cash. ( I know, lame attempt to put some humor here, well… at least I tried 😉 )

Now, you will wonder , so what is my Offer

Our offer = After Repair Value – Cost of Repair – Selling cost – Our Minimum Profit

See below for an explanation of each term

After Repair Value (ARV) = Property Value in a marketplace after doing all HGTV style renovation. (Yes- our standards are high. Fun fact- Renovation is not even remotely as glorious of a process as HGTV shows. Another failed attempt of humor?? Oh well…)

Cost of Repair(COR) = This will be the amount needed to make the property look HGTV style. Simply speaking, Repair costs.

Selling Cost = This is a broad category that includes lots of items like transfer tax, agent commission, county/town fees, etc. Even though we do not use agents to buy our houses, we do use them after we buy, renovate and resell our houses. Simply speaking it is roughly 10% of the whole transaction.

Our Minimum Profit = Yes, in the end we are running a business, and like any business, we have to pay our contractors, plumbers, electricians, etc and, it needs to generate profit for us to continue this company. But we try to keep it to the lower side to give you a better offer. Why, you ask? Our business model is based on keeping a lower margin and doing more deals (not higher margin and fewer deals).

Summary of the above calculation

Want a simpler explanation, in plain English?

Our offer will be the Value of the house after repair(ARV) minus all costs we have to pay and our minimum profit.

Didn’t I say it was simple? Thank you for bearing with me on my failed humor attempt

Lets Walkthrough Real World Example

In the Below steps, I will walk you through REAL-WORLD example of one of our deal

number one Let us assume that the below photo closely resembles your current house condition

House photo that needs work

number two Ok, doesn’t look too bad. But you might agree with me here that it might need some cosmetic work here

number three Now let us assume that your neighbor Dave has a similar house but all newer stuff, like newer kitchen, roof, heater, bathroom, etc(you get the idea) which looks like below

Renovated house photo

number four Looks way better than the first one, right? Now, let’s say Dave’s house sold for $300k. No wonder, looks Great, right?

What do we know so far?

We know that in the open market if you make your house looks like Dave’s it will sell for $300k.

What do we need to do to sell it for $300k?

Well, we need to install a new heater, roof, kitchen, windows, flooring, etc to make it looks like Dave’s place.

Ok, Now the next obvious question you might have is

Now comes the million $dollar question

If the house’s value will be $300k after all the renovation and work, then what is the valuation of the house right now?

Fair Question, let me walk you through how we evaluate just that.

We will walk through your house (physically or virtually) with our contractor and our agent. Why do you ask an agent and contractor? Because our agent can tell us that since Dave’s house had a granite countertop, we will need to install that in this house and our contractor can let us know about the cost of that granite installation. Because the more accurate of an estimate we can get, the more accurate the resulting offer will be.

maple st before after

Now let’s say we need to spend a total of $50k to make your house looks like Dave’s house.

Lets break it down, shall we

After Repair Value(ARV) = $300k
Cost of Repair(COR) = $50k
Selling Cost = $300 X 10 = $30k
Our Minimum Profit for similar houses = $40k

Let’s plug those numbers in our earlier formula, shall we?

Our offer = After Repair Value – Cost of Repair – Selling cost – Our Minimum Profit
Our offer = $300k – $50k – $30k – $40k
Our offer = $180k

But Wait, what if repairs are not extensive?

This is where things get interesting

Let’s say your house only needs work that amounts to $30k instead of $50k.

Let’s head back to formula , shall we? (Last time , I promise 😀 )

After Repair Value(ARV) = $300k
Cost of Repair(COR) = $30k
Selling Cost = $300 X 0.10(10%) = $30k
Our Minimum Profit for similar houses = $40k

Let’s not forget to plug the above numbers in our good old simple math

Our offer = After Repair Value – Cost of Repair – Selling cost – Our Minimum Profit
Our offer = $300k – $30k – $30k – $40k
Our offer = $200k

See, our numbers are based on solid criteria, not based on anything else, plain and solid numbers. Not based on how desperate the seller is. Some companies might say it will be some percentage of After Repair Value. To that, I say BIG AND FAT BS. You can rest assured that our numbers will be based on facts, hence we will be able to provide you with a better offer and full transparency.

thinking man

So now you might think, should I sell my house in Philadelphia as is for Cash?

Let’s say you give a call to Agent and he/she can say that it will sell for $180k and you will need to wait a few months, might have to do some work to satisfy township safety requirement or you can call house buying company in your neighborhood who will shrink process to 10 times faster with no additional work to you, is there a downside in hearing out that company? I will leave that up to you.

Want to see what will be our offer for your house? All you have to do is fill out the form

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We are Cash home buyers in Philadelphia and Suburbs

We Buy Philly Home is a home buying company that buys properties in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, and Delaware Counties. We make the process of home buying simple and faster via removing middle man (such as banks and real estate agents). We have come across different scenarios in our career, hence can actively work on the process so that issues that can delay closing do not materialize too much.

We at “We Buy Philly Home” value honestly, transparency, and customer satisfaction the most. We explain our whole process here and in-person to you since transparency is one of our core values. We will also help you find different options if we can not provide a valid outcome for your particular situation. How many times have you heard that a company recommends getting quotes from competitors? We also keep asking for feedback from our customers, so we can keep improving our process and provide better service to our communities and customers.

If you have a property to sell in Philadelphia or the suburbs that you want to sell fast, we truly believe, we can help you with providing a quick and fair cash offer. You do not need to clean, repair or work on the house to sell it to us. We can help even if you have tenant eviction, foreclosure started, or squatters problem. You don’t have anything to lose, Give us a call and see for yourself.