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Sold in 10 days- Our newest project

Looking to sell your house fast in Doylestown? 

We understand that unexpected circumstances such as job loss, disability, foreclosure, or personal loss can lead you to consider a home sale. We assist homeowners through these challenges by offering creative solutions and providing the support they need to navigate through difficult times. Our goal is to help you find a way out. We can help sell your house fast and transition easily to the next steps.

Lansdale Homeowner that sold house in 14 days

We had to sell our home for 15 years since we couldn’t upkeep the house and I can say that this is one of the easiest sales processes you will ever go through. Nick came out to take a look at our property, gave us an offer on same day as consultation- couldn’t ask for more! We also checked with realtor and she also said considering house condition his offer was very good. House sold fast without any problems whatsoever thanks again!”

– Chen and Yan L[Lansdale, PA]

Here is our proven home-buying process if you want to sell your house fast in Doylestown.

The process is as simple as number one number two number three

Step 1

Send us some info

Fill out a form or give us a call with some basic info

Step 2

We reach out

We will do some research and reach out to you to schedule an appointment(Virtual appointments are available)

Step 3

Get Your Cash

Once we both agree on a price, we will sign the paperwork & you will collect cash at the closing.

That is it.
Really, it is that simple!!


Why Should I Sell My House Before the Foreclosure? 

At We Buy Philly Home LLC, we always educate our clients about their options. Are you going through a foreclosure? Faced with a short sale? Going through a divorce? 

It might be best to sell your home so you can move forward in life. Many of our clients deal with personal life, and a delayed sale adds to the stress. We suggest a timely sale so you can avoid bank threats, credit score problems, and stress. For instance, a drop in credit score makes it difficult to secure future loans, credit cards, or even rent a home. 

When you proactively sell your home, you retain control over the selling process. You have the opportunity to work with a real estate professional, set a competitive price, and potentially negotiate better terms. There is also a chance to make more money from the sale because foreclosure can result in a forced sale at a lower price. 

Lastly, we suggest a sale because foreclosure is an emotionally draining experience for the families involved. The constant threat of losing their home and the associated legal proceedings can cause significant stress and anxiety. It is our hope to remove this emotional burden and help you rebuild your life.

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Why Should I Work With We Buy Philly Home LLC?

We hear your concerns. It’s not easy to trust anyone with your property. However, you can decide better after meeting us in person or requesting a direct cash offer. Our fair cash offer (and transparent calculation) will give you a better idea of our process. You can also talk to our past clients to understand why they chose us for their transactions.

What is the Cost if I Sell My House Fast in the Retail Market? 

Trying to sell your house can be a stressful and overwhelming experience – especially if you want to avoid paying heavy realtor fees. You might be wondering how much money we can save you. We’ll show you some calculations. 

Let’s say you want to sell a house with a fair market value of $250k. If you sell with an agent, you’ll pay for commissions, closing costs, staging, and repairs. Now commissions will be 6%; closing costs will be 2%. You can expect that staging a home will cost $3,000-$5,000 (depending on the project’s nature and the square feet covered). The repair cost will vary, but most people focus on painting, landscaping, and minor fixtures. Painting can cost anywhere from $15,00-$6,000. (This is just a rough estimate for illustration purposes). Now let’s summarize: $15,000 for commissions, $5,000 for closing costs, $3,000 for staging, and $1,500 for painting. So you’ll save around $24,500 even if we stay at the lower end for costs.

Here is a simple How-to guide for selling your Doylestown house for cash.

We Buy Philly Home LLC understands the challenges of selling your house, so we make it simple. We buy houses from homeowners like you every day, offering a fair cash offer and an easy closing date.

Contact us using the form below about selling your home for cash. We help homeowners avoid the hassles of realtors, banks, and appraisers.

“We Buy Philly Home” is a local reputable business with great reviews. Only way we can keep doing business is if we keep buying properties and only way we can do that if we provide you with fair offer. Our customers loves our offer and service and so will you. Give us a call and find out for your self.

Nick Pat, Founder

Let’s Explore Doylestown, PA

Rich culture, architecture, small-town charm…these are some verbs used to describe Doylestown. It’s a small place in Bucks County, and there is a lot to explore here. For instance, Michener Art Museum is a fine place to converse with local artists or view art-related galleries. Michener Art Museum is a 6-story architectural attraction focused on the pre-industrial lifestyle and evolution of trades in the US. There are over 50,000 objects on display. Doylestown is full of interesting local attractions like Fonthill Castle, County Theater, Peace Valley Lavender Farm, Fanny Chapman Memorial Pool, and Doylestown Farmer’s Market. 

Want to learn more about our company? Check out the Benefits of working with us and what our past customers have to say about us.

Our Privacy Guarantee

We will never sell your information to a third party; that is our promise. Your privacy is extremely important to us. We will only use your information to give you a fair cash offer and for purchasing activities. That is it.